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Various Artists: Future Wave

  1. Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric? (Leaetherstrip Mix)
  2. Spahn Ranch - Heretic's Fork
  3. Heaven 17 - We Blame Love (Gregorio's Mix)
  4. Switchblade Symphony - Dirty Dog
  5. Leaetherstrip - Showroom Dummies
  6. Kill Switch... Klick - Konsonent
  7. New Order - Evil Dust
  8. Razed in Black - I've Suffered Long Enough
  9. Information Society - On The Outside
  10. Lights of Euphoria - Slow Motion
  11. The Electric Hellfire Club - Price of Darkness (Razed in Black Mix)
  12. DAF - Brothers
  13. Rosetta Stone - Living on the Ceiling

Once again Cleopatra releases a compilation of themed tracks, every single one of which appears elsewhere on Cleopatra releases. I totally fail to see the point of releasing a label sampler if all you do is pull directly from your back catalogue for the material. At least include a few exclusive tracks to encourage people to purchase the compilation, otherwise all the money you spent on Quark Express so your graphic artiss can rehash his art for the 100th time will be wasted. As with most Cleopatra compilations, save your money for the full length release by each respective artist instead of throwing it away on another refabricated compilation marketed as the next big thing!

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Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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