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Various Artists: Futronik Structures

  1. Blind Passengers - Respect Yourself (Phase Club Mix) 3:23
  2. Con - Down 3:22
  3. Mimic Mind - Lies for Answers 4:17
  4. Tubalcain - God On The Tongue 3:27
  5. Biopsy - Never Inhale 3:20
  6. A New Journey - Bleed 3:05
  7. Pivot Clowj - Blackout 5:18
  8. diverje - Body Worship 4:38
  9. Aurifex - Human Geography 4:33
  10. 162 - Darkness 3:43
  11. The Man - Captivity 4:51
  12. Crying Room - Her Overcoat 5:08
  13. Audio Paradox - Parasitic 4:50
  14. Epidemic Cause - Anniversary of Mental Derangement 4:33
  15. in-FUSED - No Trust V2 4:05
  16. Bytet - Anything (97 Mix) 3:35
  17. Provizion - Connect 4:49

"Futronik Structures" is the newest compilation of independent Industrial artists brought to you by New Mexico's Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions. The label's owner Tommy T has definitely learned a few things since the release of his last compilation "Industro Synthesis" and it shows. The artwork and production quality of this release are light years above previous releases. This definitely helps give the final package a very eye catching appeal that will help attract prospective purchasers. A handful of bands that appeared on "Industro Synthesis" have tracks on this compilation as well as bands who have appeared other several Arts Industria compilations. There are even a few sings bands like Mimic Mind, Tubalcain, and Biopsy who contribute tracks as well. Overall "Futronik Structures" is a very solid collection of Electro-Industrial from all over the world. Acquiring this compilation is an excellent way to hear new bands that might just be the latest buzz in the scene in just a few years.

237 Cagua NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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