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Furniture: Furniture

  1. Making A Print 4:46
  2. My Own Devices 3:53
  3. Another Anthem 4:09
  4. Dig A Hole 3:46
  5. Specially Marked Boxes 4:57
  6. Sounds of Silence 4:20
  7. Over Second Street 4:25
  8. Toast of the Town 5:27

While technically not a gothic bands, Furniture just has enough classic gothical influences to be loosely associated with the genre. For the most part the band is your typical guitar, bass, drums alternative pop bands that occasionally uses the synthesizer for rhythmical accompaniment. However the vocalist has that dark moody type of voice that immediately screams gothic to all but the most naive listener. However that is where the influence dies because the lyrics themselves bear no resemblance to any gothic musician I've ever heard. Furniture is a very well rounded project that probably deserves to go places but seems more suited to playing small urban clubs in the East Village more on a whim rather than as a career. They lack a certain something that I can't place my fingers upon to drop kick them into the big time. So until they figure out what that element is, I have a feeling they won't be well known anywhere but their home of New York city.

Furniture is:
Jon Steele - guitar, bass, vocals
Jeff Neville - organ, synthesizer, vocals
Jon Gerstad - drums
Bale - bass, vocals

Cavalcade Records
513 East Sixth Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 254-4471


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