Funker Vogt: Thanks For Nothing

  1. Black Hole 3:59
  2. A New Beginning 4:43
  3. Thanks For Nothing 6:08
  4. Animals 6:02
  5. This Circle 5:25
  6. Alone 4:55
  7. Suspended Animation 4:51
  8. The Land of Milk and Honey 4:35
  9. Funker Vogt 5:07
  10. Remember Childhood 7:00

Just when you thought that you had seen all of the musically electronic derivative projects seep into America, here stumbles a European copycat known as Funker Vogt. Riding high in the wave of popularity spawned by the likes of Evil's Toy, Leaetherstrip, and :wumpscut:, Funker Vogt bring us a rather cookie cutter approach to German electro. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't that the music isn't catchy, and well constructed, it just screams of a blatant lack of originality. As a result it is very difficult to dislike Funker Vogt because they have arranged a very solid release that contains all of the right elements for success regardless of obvious musical influences. They seem to be able to combine strong bass lines accentuated with choral like string structures and catchy lyrics that just scream to be played in a club. It's just a pity that Funker Vogt doesn't have enough originality of it's own to keep this album from being anything more than a poor knock-off of what has been been overdone to death in Germany this past decade.

Funker Vogt is:
Gerrit "Rote X" Thomas - machines
Jens Kastel - vox, lyrics
Kai "Madman" Schmidt - lyrics, management

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105

E-mail: metropol@voicenet.com

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