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Various Artists: Full Frontal Lobotomy

  1. Angst - Sex Song - 4:42
  2. Tempestuous All - Dead Man Walking - 4:15
  3. Coarse - Quiet - 3:31
  4. Abstain - Contel - 5:00
  5. The Way Sect Bloom - Under My Skin (SavYourWords447) - 4:43
  6. Cybershadow - Social Conditions (Birth Version) 4:53
  7. Autovocie - Decay Displacement - 2:41
  8. Millenia - Invisible - 3:27
  9. Audio Paradox - Ageless - 5:30
  10. Cult of Jester - Gana - 4:14
  11. November Commandment - A Second or a Thousand Years - 5:16
  12. GlobalWaveSystem - Smog - 5:50
  13. Joshua Bourke - The Armor - 2:19
  14. Thymikon - Nipsis - 4:55
  15. Engrave - Eiserner Vorhang - 5:56
  16. White Trash Inc. - Bowling - 2:25

Flaming Fish Music once again continues it's tradition of releasing the best in Christian Industrial music as if it was oblivious to the fact that most people just don't get it. Musically speaking, "Full Frontal Lobotomy" isn't a bad collection of songs if one could find a way to make some of them instrumentals only. My key problem with this musical format is that the vocalists seem out of place with the music and end up cluttering the music with their additional lyrics. Vocals aside quite a number of these acts do an excellent job of developing their own unique style. Angst has an excellent vocal style and pop sensibility while still retaining a good deal of Industrial roots, Cult of Jester is downright disturbing with it's own brand of Electro-Funk, and Thymikon has a beautiful sense of orchestration. Unfortunately, just as many bands on this compilation are rehashing musical styles that were popular decades ago. So, "Full Frontal Lobotomy" seems to be a rather mixed bag of tracks, most of which should appeal to everyone, but for those of use who are bored of the same old thing, it won't stifle our musical fixation long enough.

Flaming Fish Music
38 Titus Street #201 Halifax, Nova Scotia


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