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Full Frequency: Drop Down

  1. Drop Down - Radio Edit 3:41
  2. Drop Down - LP Version 4:42
  3. Drop Down - Hard Radio Edit 3:41
  4. Drop Down - Good Book Mix 3:54
  5. Drop Down - Bitch Mix 5:00
  6. Drop Down - Bushido Mix 3:56
  7. Drop Down - Mercury Rising Mix 7:39

This single contains seven remixes of Drop Down which originally appeared on the "Adrenaline" EP and will also appear on the forthcoming full length album. Unfortunately the single ends up becoming like every other half hour single, a mostly uninspired collection of less than quality remixes. Even the saving graces of Siebold of Hate Dept do little to save the single from it's impending doom. Gonzo Records would have been wise to dropped the first four mixes from the single in favor of the last three tracks. These last three mixes are the only versions which even bother to deviate slightly from the original version to truly be called a remix. Personally I would have scrapped this single and tacked those mixes at the end of the debut album to save money.

Full Frequency are:
Corey Lancaster - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Pete Kobal - triggers
Rich Pandis - keyboards
Eric Sharp - keyboards

Gonzo Records
P.O. Box 3688
San Dimas, CA 91773


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