Album Cover

Frostbyte (Re-Constriction Sampler)

Side 1

  1. 16 Volt Perfectly Fake
  2. Swamp Terrorists Come Back
  3. Killing Floor Two Dimes
  4. S.M.P. Clementine
  5. Non-Aggression Pact Wicked Painted Sun

Side 2

  1. Swamp Terrorists Liberator
  2. Killing Floor Strand
  3. Vampire Rodents Another Planet
  4. Clay People Paranoid
  5. Non-Aggression Pact Flask Edit

A perfectly violent compilation CD featuring plenty of big name bands, and a few small ones getting a break with a first release on the way. Killing Floor, and S.M.P. both have featured tracks from their forthcoming releases on Cargo Records in 1995. Killing Floor has moved towards a more heavy guitar sound with these two tracks, making me wonder if this is an intentional change, or two tracks chosen at random from the album to match what the rest of the compilation contains. S.M.P. puts forth yet another track in which makes me wonder if you'll ever quite understand what the lyrics are, but a very strong track nonetheless. I'd highly suggest picking up any band on this compilation with the exception of Non-Aggression Pact. Even with all the good things I've heard about them, the two tracks on this compilation are by far the weakest of them all.

Re-Constriction/Cargo Records
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