Frost: Demo

  1. Stain
  2. Reach Out (Frostbite)

Musically the two tracks on this demo suffer most from the lack of a live drummer. While all of the other instruments mesh together perfectly, the drums are all pre-sets taken from a very common drum machine. As a result, the core rhythm of the music is very boring and cliche. So my suggestion is that while electronic instrumentation sounds good in most Gothic acts, that they replace their drum machine with a real drummer to obtain a fresh and innovative sound. Unfortunately, Frost, while an excellent name for a Gothic act, will have to change their name if they want to proceed any further with their musical creations. It would be just their luck to have chosen a band name that is identical to an up and coming hip-hop act with a recent album release on a major record label.

Frost is:
Dexter Burley - bass
Brendon Cook - guitars
Lee Compton - vocals

8105 240 SW Suite #1
Edmonds, WA 98026


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