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Front Line Assembly: Re-Wind

Disc 1:

  1. Predator (Cease & Destroy Mix)
  2. Aftermath (We Shall All Perish Mix) (unreleased)
  3. Electrocution (Shocker Mix)
  4. Life (Suck It Up Mix)
  5. Oblivion (Was It Worth It Mix)
  6. Colombian Necktie (Loosed Lips)
  7. Comatose (Re-Entry Mix)

Disc 2:

  1. Comatose (Grisha Mix by Front 242)
  2. Predator (Final Mix by Collide)
  3. Evil Playground (Tim Schuldt Chainsaw Remix)
  4. Life=Leben (Different Life=Anderes Leben)
  5. Comatose (Mix 2.0)
  6. Columbian Necktie (Grit Your Teeth Remix by Cydonia)
  7. Auto-Erotic (Abstinence Mix by Fini Tribe)

"Re-Wind", a double CD of remixes, is Front Lines Assembly's companion to their most recent album "FLAvour of the Weak", The first CD compiles the bands reinterpretations and the second containss other artists remixes. With the exception of 'Aftermath', the single new track on "Re-Wind" the first CD contains rather boring and unimaginative remixes that might well be studio outtakes of the final mixdowns than actual remixes. The second CD is contains contributions by Front 242, Collide with additional vocals by Karin, Tim Schuldt, Kalte Farben, Eat Static, Cydonia and even Fini Tribe. Each track is a drastically reworked version of the original that in some cases bears little resemblance to its parent track. Collide's remix of 'Predator' with new vocal work by Karin is certainly the most reworked track on the album and sounds nothing like the original. Other impression offerings come from Kalte Farben who slows 'Life=Leben' to a crawl and Finit Tribe's even slower rendition of 'Auto-Erotic'. Overall not a bad remix collection, but if you own the original the first disc is a total waste of money. Having been warned don't pay more than the cost of a single album for this two CD collection.

Front Line Assembly are: Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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