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Front Line Assembly: Comatose

  1. Comatose (Valium 15mg) 4:33
  2. Comatose (Ketomin 45 mg) 6:50
  3. Oblivion 7:10
  4. Comatose (Prozac 75mg) 7:34

"Comatose" is the second single taken from the newest incarnation of Front Line Assembly in the form of Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson and "FLAvour of the Weak". As with most Front Line Assembly singles, this single contains multiple remixes of the title track which are a bit more upbeat and club friendly, and a previously unreleased track in the form of 'Oblivion'. This new track follow the same Electronica theme that the rest of the new FLA and would have fit nicely among the rest of the material on the album from which this single was taken. The surprise mix of this track is the third mix of Comatose, curiously named the 'Prozac 75mg Mix' which is more of a new track than a remix. The track is credited to a M. Pepler both as a co-writer and producer of the track which, while using some of the elements from the original version of 'Comatose', utilizes just enough fresh material to consider it a new track. Overall, not a bad FLA single, even if it is a little formulaic by design and execution.

Front Line Assembly are: Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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