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Front Line Assembly: Columbian Necktie

  1. Colombian Necktie (Tongue Fed Edit) 4:58
  2. Deadlock 7:03
  3. Electrocution 7:45
  4. Colombian Necktie (GOArge mix by Tim Schuldt) 7:40

Once again Front Line Assembly throws some of it's best material as B-sides to a single with the release of "Columbia Neck Tie". Tracks like 'Deadlock' and 'Electrocution', while formulaic compared to some FLA material, are nothing short of spectacular instrumental pieces. Perhaps this predictable, yet still thoroughally enjoyable, club appeal is what draws fans to FLA over and over again. The addition of often unused musical elements, such as breakbeats and other percussion elements usually relegated to Techno, also increase the appeal of these tracks. Yet one wonders why the band continues to release such stellar material as mere B-sides when they surely match-up and often surpass the album material. Of course we cannot forget the obligatory remixes of the title track of which the first is only a radio edit and the second is a supposed Goa remix by Tim Schuldt. Of the two, the second is certainly the better version simply due to the inclusion of new sample and musical material as well as a fresh new look at the track itself. Needless to say, "Columbian Necktie", is yet another FLA single that is a must have for both first time fans and collectors alike.

Front Line Assembly are: Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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