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Front Line Assembly: Plasticity

  1. Plasticity
  2. Replicant
  3. Plasticity (zero remix)

Following on the footsteps of the 'Virus' single released after Caustic Grip consisting of non album tracks and remixes, Front Line Assembly has released 'Plasticity' another single in the same vein. The intriguing item with this single is that while it was released after "Hard Wired" the single would appear to sound more at home on "Tactical Neural Implant". Guitars are conspicuously absent or buried so deep in the mix that my untrained ear cannot pick them out and instead aggressive dancefloor electronics thunder across the layered tracks. As a result 'Plasticity' has totally replaced 'Re-Animate' as my favorite FLA by ferocity and sheer force of will. This single should do well to reaffirm the faith of those diehard FLA fans who felt that the band peaked with "Tactical Neural Implant" by giving them more electro purist style programming free from the taint of the guitar. If the reaction of the crowd when 'Plasticity' was played live at the Chicago show was any indication of the strength and power of this track, it ought to do very well across the entire industrial audience.

Front Line Assembly are: Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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