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Front 242: Re:Boot

  1. Happiness
  2. Masterhit
  3. Moldavia
  4. Melt
  5. Soul Manager
  6. No Shuffle
  7. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
  8. Crapage
  9. Body to Body
  10. Religion
  11. Headhunter
  12. Welcome to Paradise
  13. First in First Out
  14. Punish Your Machine

After Sony dropped this Belgian quartet for poor album sales in 1993, Front 242 remained unusually dormant and its various members focused on side projects. No after five years of silence, the band returns with a live album recorded in Brussels and Kortrijik during their European tour. Aptly titled "Re:Boot", this live album crosses five albums and a decade worth of material all rearranged, remixed, and remastered. Diehard fans will notice the IDM/Techno edge added to each track as well as wonder about the lack of new material. It seems that the band decided to tour with tried and tested material with more of a Techno bent before making an eventual comeback. Overall the sound quality is quite excellent with little or no crowd noise except at the end and beginning of each track. My only complaint is that the sound is too compressed making it seem flat and tinny. Of course, the ad-libbed lyrical additions by Richard 23 aren't that amusing either. Nevertheless, for a band that has almost been around for two decades, Front 242 still exhibits with "Re:Boot" that it has what it takes to succeed it today's cutthroat music business.

Front 242 is: Daniel B., Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc DeMeyer, and Richard Jonckheere

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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