Album Cover

Fragmented: Knowledge of War

  1. Blur the Line
  2. The End of yesterday
  3. Keep Looking for Secrets
  4. The Night Wild Died
  5. Simple Chemistry
  6. A Short History of Random Experiences
  7. Diving
  8. Dwindling
  9. To Dance with the Arioso

Fragmented is back and this time with another masterpiece of sight, sound and stream of consciousness. Anx Scan continues to intimately construct the layout his album with self produced artwork and photography used throughout the liner notes. Also included for the benefit of the listener is a single tirade of spoken word lyrics for one of the tracks on the album. This time instead of exploring some of the more caustic musical windows Fragmented relies a great deal of melody and verse which at times even includes a guitar buried deep within the electronic subterfuge. Spoken vocal work is used on almost every other track which is a quite a change from the previous album where vocals were used only sparingly if at all. The electronic soundscapes are also tentatively curbed away from the more extreme edge of digital sound sculpture in order to facilitate the vocals into the mix. In the end Fragmented is much like a documentary look at one man's exploration into the dream realm and the horrors that he faced on his journey into the inner regions of the mind.

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