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Fragmented: Set

  1. the flow of time is terminal
  2. the essence of agony
  3. science experiment
  4. needles in flesh
  5. pushing the balance
  6. switches
  7. house on royce road (within)
  8. the final song about

Horrifyingly malevolent sound constructions much in the same vein as Coil's "Hellraiser Themes". A great deal of care is taken to nurture, grow and maintain the semi-organic sound structures present through out this album. Elaborate sound textures interweave with innovative programming and whisper vocal samples much like Lustmord but without any natural context to them. The music itself is unmistakenly man made but great care has been taken to try and attempt to remove the self-evident electronic beeps which usually end up in a finished project. Many tracks on this album would be an excellent backdrop for a particularly wicked horror film.

1512 Canyon Run Road
Naperville, IL 60565


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