Album Cover

Fracture: Killernet

  1. Initial Impact
  2. Programmed for Hell (A)
    The Razor's Edge (B)
  3. Threat Assessment
  4. Downtown
  5. Terror Eyes
  6. A Vision Arrests
  7. Never Forgive
  8. Good Kill
  9. Comatose
  10. The Verdict
  11. Eleison

This duo from Canada, not be confused with the Boston band of the same name, which impressed me with their first CD EP release 'Downtown', of which three of those tracks show up on this full-length, return to provide more great electronic programming, slightly distorted, but grabbing vocals and a slightly heavier emphasis on the guitar on some of the tracks. While the band's influences are not invisible, especially on the beginning on Never Forgive with its Remission-era Skinny Puppy sound, the album is well-crafted enough that you can not easily pin-point into one category. And though it does contain many elements of the coldwave style, it incorporates a lot of different styles as well, such as ambient textures, noise-type soundscapes, and techno rhythms, so that it seems to go beyond any one classification . They go through quite a few different styles and effects on the vocals throughout the album, but they do it in an intelligent way by using a vocal effect for each song that helps in adding to the mood they are trying to create from the slightly distorted, aggressive style on 'Never Forgive', the heavily distorted, frenzied effects on 'Killernet' and the saddened computerized effect on 'Terror Eyes'. The lyrics on this album are more personal than a lot of electro-industrial material being released these days, even if they are quite simplistic at times. The only real drawback with this CD is that once again we have a band that makes us skip through a large number of tracks of silence, there are 77 total tracks, so we can listen to a track that really doesn't add anything to the CD, this time the phrase "you're welcome" is repeated a number of times over a strange noise background. (Kevin Congdon)

Fracture are: Alexis Charalambous & Saul Sette

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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