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Fracture: Proper Burial

  1. Numb
  2. Discipline
  3. One Quick Twist
  4. Another
  5. Asleep at the Wheel
  6. Hit the Wall
  7. Goddess
  8. Fall
  9. Goddess (Club Dub)
  10. Wheel D.V.

This release takes quite a few listens to appreciate the creative musical elements. There is a slightly funky feel through some of the songs mainly due to the way the bass is played during songs. The song 'Asleep at the Wheel' includes some Mexican-influenced guitar, some be-boppy synth effects and some synth notes that make it sound like a cello in the background. Overall, the music is a combination of some original samples and some good programming, along with some heavy guitar elements on some of the songs. While I like the musical capabilities and the programming in this release, the vocals come off too much as the metal-type for my taste on a few of the songs. You're afraid he's going to start belting out one of those annoying high-pitched screams at any moment, thankfully he never does. The last two tracks, which are remixes, show some promise with a restrained atmosphere in the music while managing to keep the songs rhythmic and beat-oriented, but not overwhelmingly so. (Kevin Congdon)

Fracture are:
Steven Pavao (Mercymore) - voice, bass, synth/sampler
Walter Stickle - voice, guitar, synth/sampler
Stephen Gray - drums, percussion, sampler
Geoff Davis - synth/sampler, percussion

Decadent World-View, Inc.
PO Box 180540
Boston, MA 02118-0540


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