Album Cover

The Fog: (demo)

Side 1:

  1. Monclargramm 5:25
  2. Inscript 6:35
  3. Dominate 0:48

Side 2:

  1. Dominate For Tension 7:15
  2. Andride Carbonica 5:28

The Fog billows in from the dank electronic depths of the European wastelands to join the menacing new wave of corrosive darkwave artists. Having much in common with it's brethren Amgod, :wumpscut:, and Haujobb, The Fog is dragging electronic music kicking and screaming into another realm of vibrantly sculptured sound accretions. The densely manifested aural maze of sound exhibits this positive evolvement by encompassing the audience within a finely woven web that pulsates not with the frequency popular for club play but yet still retaining an aesthetically jarring intensity. This vehement style of music can only be seen as the natural progression of electronic music and will steadfastly supplant and dominate those who refuse to accept innovation as a tool to increase their marketbase. It's small European bands like these that are making the positive musical headway so if your interested in novel new musical progression you'll want to have a listen.

Edward Puccini
Wendelsteinstr. 54
83098 Brannenburg


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