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Foetus: Rife

  1. Fin
  2. Honey I'm Home
  3. The Dipsomaniac Kiss
  4. English Faggot
  5. Grab Yr. Ankles
  6. Slut
  7. A Prayer For My Death
  8. !Chingada!
  9. Hare Feeler
  10. The Fudge Punch
  11. Clothes Hoist

Almost a decade after this live bootleg recording was pirated, it receives an official Invisible Records blessed release. The live tracks are from "Hole"and "Thaw", excellent mid-period Foetus material. The crowd noise is minimal and the sound is of fairly high quality. As usual with Foetus material, the band occasionally breaks into improvisation sections which don't appear on the original version of the material. Jim Thirlwell also randomly throws in a few new lyrics to fit the mood and audience of the performance. Unfortunately, a CD recording of a Foetus show cannot truly due justice to the event. A Foetus live event isn't complete without Jim Thirlwell dress in a lounge suit, drunk out of his mind, invoking his muse as if in a meditative state.

Foetus is: Clint Ruin, Algis Kizys, Norman Westberg, Ted Parsons, & Ray Scaballero

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