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Foetus: Boil

  1. Take It Outside Godboy 3:04
  2. Clothes Hoist 3:17
  3. Verklemmt 4:29
  4. I'll Meet You In Poland Baby 6:06
  5. I Am The Walrus 7:08
  6. They Are Not So True 4:25
  7. Hot Horse 4:18
  8. Mortgage 5:59
  9. Mighty Whity 3:57
  10. Elected 7:37
  11. Sonic Reducer 4:48
  12. Hello There 2:23

"Boil" is the first live album by Foetus since release of "Male" in 1992. Unfortunately it lacks much of the crisp recording quality of aforementioned album that made it so popular. While the littering of the crowd noise seems totally understandable, the tracking of the album is less than accurate. At least one track starts midway through another thereby almost requiring the album to be played from beginning to end. However, it does contain rare live versions of most of the new Foetus material as well as a handful of cover songs. The actual recording of the album occurred during the fall tour of Europe in 1995 and features shows in both Scotland and Germany. If you can overlook the shoddy recording quality in favor of the Beatles cover tunes and other uniquely Thirlwellian stunts that appear throughout the album then maybe you want to check this album out. Otherwise you might as well go see them the next time they tour through your town and experience the true Foetalmania of a live performance.

Foetus is: Jim Thirlwell

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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