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fockewolf: dominus et deus

  1. Visionary for Nothing
  2. Faultless
  3. A Doctrine Against Flesh
  4. Submit Submissive
  5. Drought
  6. I Am God

fockewolf is a newly formed side project that consists of Rob Wilhelm who is better know for his work with And Christ Wept and a female vocalist named Severina. However, do not make any swift musical stereotypes based on the members of this project because it sounds absolutely nothing like its members other projects. Instead, it breathes a life all of its own which is certainly refreshing in a genre full of clones. Straying away from the typical wafty female vocals style favored by many acts, fockewolf has chosen for a more straight forward and deeply intoned style that borders on the median between aggressive and melodic. The music is entirely electronic; while utilizing a very straight forward 4/4 construction style favored so heavily by the electro genre, does so with a totally self-designed library of sounds most of which one wouldn't normally consider using for this style of music. As a result, the overall mood of the music tends to be rather laid back and melodic rather than in your face. fockewolf is definitely a band to be on the look-out for because they have a unique style and sound that should take them places as long as the right ears are listening.

fockewolf is Rob Wilhelm & Severina

1405 E.John #3
Seattle, WA 98112


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