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Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit: Odysseus 7

  1. Space I 1:21
  2. Talkshow Tau Ceti 3:11
  3. T Minus 20 'til genesis 5:20
  4. Ulysses Never Screams 1:55
  5. Space II (CETI) 1:11
  6. Speed of Penelope 3:40
  7. Homer's Takeoff 1:11
  8. Kikonen, Lotophagen 2:40
  9. Nobody is My Name 4:00
  10. Circe's Show 3:26
  11. Fahrt zur Holle 2:54
  12. Reqiuem fur Laika 5:22
  13. Space III (To The Moon) 0:33
  14. The Astronauts at Hades 5:53
  15. More Tales of Brave Odysseus 7 2:46
  16. Siren's Song 5:25
  17. Sad Story of Scylla and Charybdis 3:19
  18. In the Orbit of Calypso 1:53
  19. 7 Jahre Spater 1:43
  20. Schiffbruch 0:54
  21. II Ritorno D'Ulysse in Patria 3:33
  22. Big Bang Freiermord
  23. Song for Barbarella 3:06
  24. Space IV (Interstellar Record) 3:39

F.M. Einheit is surely keeping busy with the release of yet another German radio drama, this one based around the race to the moon in the 1960's merged with the classical Greek mythological hero Odysseus. This alternate reality takes us on a fantasy journey asking what if the Greek culture never died and was the first into the heavens. Ironically enough, so many stellar bodies and constellations are named after Greek literary figures, this drama is not so unbelievable. The dialogue is a mixture of English, German, and Latin, with samples taken directly from the Apollo space program as well as quotations from classical Greek literature. This release is best experienced as a whole in a single sitting rather than a collection of dissimilar tracks, mostly because the storyline makes little sense when experienced out of order. Certainly "Odysseus 7" ranks up with other Ammer/Einheit radio dramas like "Radio Inferno" and "Apocalypse Live", but one has to ask, do we need yet another modern interpretation of classical mythology?

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