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Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit: Deutsche Krieger

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive
    1. Das Funfte
    2. Sprechmaschine
    3. 01.08.1914,KonigsschloB
    4. Schlachtfeld
    5. 09.11.1918
  2. Adolf Hitler Enterprise
    1. Der Funfte
    2. 03.01.1933,Radio
    3. Sender 1212
    4. 24.12.1941
    5. 08.05.1945,Bunker
  3. Ulrike Meinhof Paradise
    1. Die Funfte
    2. 02.07.1967,Fernsehen
    3. 14.05.1970
    4. 08.05.1976
    5. 18.10.1977,Requiem

"Deutsche Krieger" is the domestic reissue of the farcical parody musical originally performed in Germany several years ago. The musical is broken into three discreet sections all revolving around infamous German rulers who ultimately lead their country into various states of economic and military ruin. The first Act focuses on Wilhelm Kaiser, the German king who came into rule at the turn of the 20th century who lead his country into World War I. The second act hilites the life of the most notable tyrant of the modern age, Adolf Hitler and his relentless, but eventually failed, search for the perfect human physical qualities. The final act revolves around the most recent German 'dictator' Ulrike Meinhof who lead Germay via terrorism during part of the Cold War. Unfortunately, most of the dialogue throughout "Deutsche Krieger" is in German so American audiences will fail to grasp some of the subtle humor that must inevitably be placed throughout an otherwise dismal historical reenactment. Of course the soundtrack composed by Andreas Ammer and F.M. Einheit help but it doesn't do enough, thereby relegating this release to all but the most completist of Einstruzende Neubauten fans.

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