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FM Einheit: Sensation Death

  1. Theme from Death Row
  2. Defending Phrase
  3. 6/4
  4. The Hektik
  5. The Switch
  6. The Race
  7. Requiem fur Eine Totgeweihte
  8. Death Row (Reprise)
  9. Adieu Partner
  10. Kompositionsspiel
  11. Fernsehballet
  12. Death Row (reprise)
  13. Duell
  14. Russisches Roulett

F.M. Einheit's recent departure from Einstruzende Neubauten has given him plenty of free time for a variety of musical endeavors. However, to my recollection, "Sensation Death" marks only the second solo effort by Mr. Einheit since joining the epochal German quintet over a decade ago, with the first being the "Prometheus Lear" soundtrack. Just like with "Prometheus Lear", "Sensation Death" is soundtrack material, however this time is is more of an interactive dance score than a true soundtrack. As with all of F.M.'s solo material, what few lyrics or spoken words portions of the music are mostly in German so it is very difficult to follow along with any of the storyline unless you happen to be semi-fluent in German. Yet, this never seems to be a distraction to the Anglo audience because we have a tendency to treat the vocal more just like another instrument rather than the usual choral storytelling arrangement. Musically "Sensation Death" is what you would expect from a stage score consisting of several act changes, reprises and massive amounts of mood shifting and sound effects. Once again F.M. Einheit pulls off one of his compositional masterpieces that are sure to appeal to fans of Neubauten and other collaborative stage material that he has written in the past.

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