Flowers & Puppies: Fretful Porpentine

  1. Cat-O-Lee-Tails
  2. Amy's Cry
  3. Jazzy Song
  4. Quillan
  5. Warm Jx
  6. Dreams & Visions
  7. Connect4
  8. Elephant Man

I'm amazed at the gall of some people marketing what is obviously their very first attempt at music as the latest and greatest in Industrial. In the case of Flower & Puppies, the sheer inanity of the programming and rather cheesy use of samples coupled with the poorly mixed and rather Poppy female vocals make for quite an experience. It is quite obvious the band needs to learn a thing or two about mixing an album as well as to avoid marketing their product in a genre of music of which they are certainly not a member. It's not that the band doesn't have talent, it's just that they currently lack certain technical concepts and compositional skills that will continue to hinder them until they learn from their mistakes. My suggestion is to invest in some equipment as well as a few musical and vocal theory classes before proceeding any further, otherwise they will continue to embarrass themselves.

Flowers & Puppies are:
Bronwyn Hammond - vocals
Jonathon Burman - guitars, atari secrets

Flowers & Puppies
London, Ontario


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