Album Cover

Final Cut: Atonement

  1. Terminate
  2. STD
  3. Dim
  4. It Comes Too
  5. Wallow
  6. The Shake
  7. Straddle
  8. Nothing At All

Atonement marks the return of Final Cut onto the music scene after almost four years of dormancy. Numerous issues varying from being dropped from their previous label as well as being unable to find a new label for their this album hampered their return until now. Fan accustomed to the house influence of their older releases should be warned this album is quite unlike anything else they have ever released. This album is a true "Atonement" for the past four years and the band has remade itself musically almost from the ground up. Tony Srock having grown up in the middle of the Detroit techno scene as a lone white DJ in a primarily black music scene has donated his own unique funk to this album. The end result is a thickly layered collection of ethnic percussion and string arrangements mixed with more modern drum & bass electronics and heavily subdued guitars. This new album has pushed Final Cut to new musical ground in an effort to shed the problems of their past and has succeeded marvelously better than even perhaps they had intended.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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