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Final: 2

  1. *******
  2. """""""
  3. '''''''
  4. ///////
  5. _______
  6. ;;;;;;;
  7. =======
  8. ( )
  9. +++++++

This release marks the second full length ambient experimental album entirely written and composed by none other than Justin Broadrick of Godflesh. If one has only been exposed to Justin's music through the likes of Godflesh they might have a difficult time understanding how the same man could be responsible for such caustic and calming music. However if one was aware of his involvement in Techno-Animal, God, Ice and numerous Bill Laswell bands, one could begin to understand the true musical depth of Mr. Broadrick. The tracks on this album, while technically unnamed, are carefully labeled obtuse titles in order to not allow the music to take on an improper definition. Instead by using such out of place titles, one must find their own personal meaning in the depths of each track. Musically the album is diverse enough to range from ear splitting extreme noise to hauntingly beautiful ambient constructions. I think that perhaps Final is the one single Justin Broadrick project that truly displays his musical diversity above everything else.

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