Album Cover

Fifth Column Fetish: Baoos

  1. F.C.F
  2. Condescent
  3. Route 666
  4. Cellophane
  5. Old Whore Death
  6. B.D.O.D.
  7. Go Off

If one were to hold a contest for the cheesiest industrial band on the planet, while Fifth Column Fetish surely wouldn't win, it would be among the finalists. While the musical nature of this project is seemingly very sincere, with it's name taken from a Ernest Hemingway speech sampled on the first track of the EP, the sheer absurdity of this EP cannot be ignored. From the utter foolishness of the lyrics on 'Route 666' to the horrible rap style on 'B.D.O.D.', one can't help but feel sorry for this band. The lyrics, music, and sample sources are all so outlandish one cannot help but wonder if the entire EP is some sort of industrial parody rather than a serious attempt at music. Unfortunately the only thing that could possibly save this band would be to throw out the entire jaded Fifth Column Fetish concept and start over again from scratch.

Fifth Column Fetish is: Perry Bathous

Fifth Column Fetish
P.O. Box 3802
Santa Barbara, CA 93130
(805) 898-9302


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