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Fiction 8: Dissonance InDifference

  1. In the Dark
  2. Never Going Back
  3. Harbringers of Death
  4. Curse
  5. Strangers in the Garden
  6. The Killing Season
  7. Labyrinth (The Unknown)
  8. Medusa
  9. Out of Control
  10. Burn
  11. The Spider's Dream
  12. Soulicit
  13. Second Self

This band has exhibited their strong abilities to create complex and driving material on a number of compilations including There Is Not Time and Cyberflesh Conspiracy (under the name We of Sound Mind) and their first album does not fail to disappoint. This band from Colorado comes across with a very European electro-industrial sound, although on a few songs they come across with more of a coldwave style, and integrate a minimal and creative use of guitar sounds. The programming sounds flawless and the whole album is filled with a solemn atmosphere and plenty of moodiness. The vocals come across as somewhat evil, but this seems more a consequence of the vocalist's natural voice, rather than trying to intentionally make them sound that way. Most of the lyrics, rather than delving into technological themes or "evil", deal more on an introspective and personal nature. A few of the songs have the tendency to sound somewhat similar, but this is just a minor flaw overall on this well-crafted album. (Kevin Congdon)

Fiction 8 are:
Michael Alan - vocals, electronics and programming, guitars, bass
MT Lepper - electronics and programming
David DeVoe - guitars, feedback, additional electronics

An Liffersmuhle 95, 47877 Willich
Fax: ++49 (0) 21 54 41 78 5


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