Album Cover

Fear Factory: Demanufacture

  1. Demanufacture
  2. Self Bias Resistor
  3. Zero Signal
  4. Replica
  5. New Breed
  6. Dog Day Sunrise
  7. Body Hammer
  8. Flashpoint
  9. H.K. [Hunter-Killer]
  10. Pisschrist
  11. A Therapy For Pain

If you thought the new Front Line Assembly was bad, wait til you hear the new Fear Factory. Tacky thundering live guitars explode on top of FLA style electronics and end up washing out all of the programming on the album. The press release spends a great deal of time trying to explain how Fear Factory used more new programming technology on this album than their first. Sounds to me like they also beefed up the guitar about ten thousand times, it's making my ears bleed just listening to it. This album just screams "METAL", and thus has since ended up donated to the glam rock next door neighbors. If you somehow actually enjoyed the previous album, this is just more of the same, but with an attempt to acquire a plot, which fails miserably at the onset. Your better off saving your money for the next Metallica album than purchasing this CD.

Fear Factory are:
Burton C. Bell - Vocals, Hardware
Dino Cazares - Guitars, Hardware
Raymond Herrera - Drums, Percussion
Christian Olde Wolbers - Bass

Roadrunner Records
536 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-0077

E-mail: none

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