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Various Artists: Fascist Communist Revolutionaries

  1. Chemlab - Exile
  2. Dessau - Suffered (remix)
  3. Acumen - Queener
  4. Death Ride 69 - Fucked Up Generation
  5. Haloblack - Distractor
  6. Trust Obey - Hands of Clay (Schwer Gepruft Mix)
  7. Final Cut - Dim
  8. Meathead - Gravida
  9. Templebeat - The Brain Cult of Macho Irony
  10. Vampire Rodents - Blind Acceleration
  11. T.H.C. - Need To Destroy
  12. Dive - Reported
  13. James Ray & The Performance - Texas

Fascist Communist Revolutionaries is the second Fifth Column Records compilation which is celebrating the three year anniversary of the label. Approximately half of the tracks present appear on each artist's respective albums and the remainder are exclusive remixes and tracks which appear only on this record. The album serves as an excellent example of the current FCR style with many of the FCR's own bands present as well as a handful of licensed material from European labels. The only frustrating item concerning this compilation is it's total lack of liner notes crediting the remixers of the exclusive tracks. However, this is probably due to a lack of liner note space rather than by intention. I can't imagine with someone like John Bergin being responsible for the artwork that he would consciously leave something like that absent.

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Washington, DC 20044
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