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Fallen Hero: Unsichbar

  1. Edge of the World
  2. Nation
  3. Sea of Green
  4. On A Swing (She)
  5. What You Crave
  6. Meg
  7. Truly One
  8. Lux
  9. Hell & Back
  10. About a Dream
  11. Wrathagod
  12. Chinese Eyes
  13. Spaceman

"Unsichbar" is supposed to be an album influenced heavily by Anne Rice's vampire novels but I fail to find any such reference until half way through the album. I was expecting a very dark and morbid album and instead it was very up tempo and totally submerged in pop sensibility. The album seems to glorify the everything I've abhored about vampires in the media since the release of film 'Lestat'. Everyone seems to be so preoccupied with the romantic and swashbuckling nature of the children of the night that they forget the horrific life they truly lead. Vampirism was an literary invention to slap mankind in the face and show them their dark side, not some device to revel and carouse. The end result is that the album is dripping with candy coating rather than a more appropriate macabre shadow. The music is laced with extraordinarily simplistic pop themes that seem totally out of place in when compared to the lyrical context. Perhaps I've sound a trite cruel and mean spirited, but this album was the straw that broke the camels back and as a result I've spewed forth some rather vehement accusations at it's ultimate intentions. I guess I'm just disgusted with the counter culture embrace of the 'chivalry' of vampires.

Fallen Hero are:
Mike Carter - drums
Eric Heldt - keyboards, lead vocals
Scott Goalkowski - keyboards, backing vocals

Fallen Hero
P.O. Box 494
Watertown, NY 13601


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