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Faith & Disease: Insularia

  1. Perhaps...Persephone 3:59
  2. Yellow Dress 4:46
  3. Marie Don't Sleep in Your Makeup 7:23
  4. Birthday Party 2:19
  5. Violet II 4:54
  6. Space Song II 5:14
  7. I Come and Stand at Every Door 1:42
  8. Old Dusk Dakota 4:32
  9. Baudelaire 4:58
  10. Witches 3:15
  11. Cocoon 4:04

Faith & Disease have chosen to utilize an extremely minimalistic approach to their music with the release of their fourth album "Insularia". The percussion, woodwind instruments, guitars, and stringed instruments are kept very subdued and restrained. Instead all the power and mood of the music is expressed in the vocals of Dara Rosewater. It is her dynamic vocal arrange that really brings out the passion and creates the aural imagery on this album. The instrumentation only serves as coloring and texturing to her voice. In fact, the album would be just as impressive if Dara sung it all acapella, albeit this would remove the need for the rest of the band who all are very talented in their own right. It is this minimalistic approach to "Insularia", that bring about Daria's comparison to such prominent vocalists such as Lisa Gerrard and Sarah McLaughlin. Other Gothic artists should certainly take note of how Faith & Disease execute themselves on this record because this is how all good dark music should be written.

Faith & Disease are:
Dara Rosenwasser - vocals
Eric Cooley - bass
Steven Knouse - guitar
Joshua Furman - drums, percussion

Ivy Records
P.O. Box 2721
Seattle, WA 98111-2721


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