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Faith & Disease: Livesongs: Third Body

  1. Percussion Intro (live)
  2. Ashes Are Burning II
  3. Space Song
  4. Witches (live)
  5. Violet (live)
  6. Fortune His Sleep III (live)
  7. Closure Song (live)
  8. Solobatia
  9. Overwhelmed Beneath Me
  10. Instrumental (live)
  11. Healing Anne (live)

"Live Songs: Third Body" is a rather concise description of Faith & Disease's live third album. It should be noted that of the eleven tracks on this album, four of them are unreleased tracks performed live or in the studio while the remainder of the material consists of live interpretations of older music. Personally, I've always found that Gothic acts always sound better live than on studio albums simply because it allows the passion behind the music to show through. For this live release, that is definitely the case, with the lead vocalist giving it her all throughout the entirety of the album. Her depth and range are only accentuated by the live atmosphere as her voice envelopes the music and breathes life into the final composition. Also of note are the wide variety of ethnic percussion used on these tracks. These natural acoustic instruments add a sort of tribal shamanic feel to the mood of the music that takes it to yet another level. Other Gothic acts should definitely take notice of this album, if not for the same quality music, but to note how well a strong live presence can be to help promote a band.

Faith & Disease are:
Dara Rosenwasser - vocals
Eric Cooley - bass
Steven Knouse - guitar
Joaquin Tavares-Sinai - keyboards
Joshua Furman - percussion

Ivy Records
P.O. Box 2721
Seattle, WA 98111-2721


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