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Faith & Disease: Fortune His Sleep

  1. Healing Anne 8:22
  2. Hashivenu (Traditional) 3:18
  3. Wallow 6:02
  4. Fortune His Sleep I 5:38
  5. Memorium 4:51
  6. Ashes are Burning 2:54
  7. Jardeau Blue 5:32
  8. Amelius Unhappy 4:59
  9. Madrigal 3:43
  10. All Cats are Grey 4:37
  11. Like Lillith 3:53
  12. Fortune His Sleep II 7:01

Faith & Disease are a very tight Gothic centered quintet hailing from Seattle. Their music utilizes a wide variety of both electronic equipment and more traditional ethnic and acoustic instrumentation. The result is a dazzling array of sound and texturing as each distinct element plays off the other in their compositions. All of these items coupled with the stunning female vocal arrangements makes for a very soothing treat for the ears. Faith & Disease are definitely not your stereotypical Gothic act as they share more in common with bands like Dead Can Dance or Love is Colder Than Death than classical Gothic staples like Bauhaus, Christian Death or Sisters of Mercy. They are more concerned with the mood and emotion evoked by the music than fashion, egos, or looking cool. This simple fact alone makes them much better artists in my eyes. Of course it doesn't hurt that the music is so darn appealing.

Faith & Disease are:
Dara Rosenwasser - vocals
Eric Cooley - bass
Steven Knouse - guitar
Joaquin Tavares-Sinai - keyboards
Joshua Furman - percussion

Ivy Records
P.O. Box 2721
Seattle, WA 98111-2721


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