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The Fair Sex: Labyrinth

  1. White Noise
  2. Electronic New Self
  3. Cyberbite
  4. Mother Restless
  5. You Know How
  6. Madadonia
  7. White World Wanker
  8. The Tide is Turning
  9. Run and Hide
  10. Sister Anger
  11. Miss Dissatisfied
  12. Get Lost
  13. In the Desert
  14. Epilogue
  15. Electronic New Self (Electronic Spasm Mix)
  16. White Noise (Pure Joy mix)

Even though this is touted as the first cyber-opera, following the quest of a man named Tancer, the whole album does not sound cohesive enough and does not seem to present a concrete storyline. However, this is an excellent electro album, with many of the songs sticking in your head over time. A fair amount of guitar has been added to some of the tracks, possibly an influence from the Testify side-project, but it is intelligently used and never over-blown. 'Run & Hide' is a very catchy track with its simple, bouncy keyboards, some good use of samples and a combination of an other worldly/Japanese-sounding background. The ending of the track 'Mother Restless' had some simple piano harmonies and vocals that sounded eerily like the Beatles. 'Madadonia' sounds has a very classical orchestra sound to it, in which spoken word is layered on top and includes some simple electronic beats in the background. The song 'In the Desert' is an interesting song with its gothic-styled vocals, oceanic soundscapes, and its music box notes throughout. (Kevin Congdon)

The Fair Sex are:
Blonder - synths, programming, guitars
Rascal - sampling, programming, vocals, masterbass
Myk - vocals, progs, T.A. plans
L'O - guitars, mental strength

Van Richter
PO Box 13321
La Jolla, CA 92039-3321


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