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Eyekandy: Demo

  1. Eternal 3:44
  2. Confusion 4:35
  3. Nothing Can Change 5:06
  4. Pain and Disgust 2:54

Eyekandy is a five piece Synthcore band from the suburbs of New Jersey who had the forethought to get a local act Neuroplague to produce their demo prior to sending copies out for review. Without the superb production of this demo, it would be destined for the recycle bin. Eyekandy is obviously a young band. Only two of its members actually contribute to the writing process and the rest relegated to only exclusively perform live. The four tracks on this demo are the usual Guitar Industrial cross over one would expect from a band still in its infancy. The angst and frustration of youth are obvious. The excessive use of profanity can hamper radio airplay that a band in this genre of music requires to gain listenership. Nevertheless, the music writing shows a great deal of promise even if the lyrics leave a great deal to be desired. Eyekandy certainly understand the music business a great deal more than most acts their age and have put it to good use of this demo.

Eyekandy is
James - guitar, keyboards
Tom - drums - programming
Jen - bass
Chris - guitar
Kaliss - vox, keyboards, programming

825 Winchester Ave.
Hillside, NJ 07205


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