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Exovedate: Seduced By Illusions

  1. Night is Falling
  2. Shadow
  3. Illusions
  4. Demons Keep Following Me
  5. Lost and Found
  6. Ego Sum Mons
  7. I Am Not Saved
  8. Deamons
  9. Truly
  10. Spatia Tempestar Noctis
  11. Silence Still Remains
  12. Returning
  13. No Ordinary Man

Exovedate's captivating path makes it a unique brand of Darkwave music. David Neeling composes all of the music including both instrumentals and standard tracks. Then three different female vocalistsm each with a drastically different style, write and perform all of the lyrics. On items that particularly intrigues is the heavy use of Latin both in naming the band and several vocal tracks. The Latin is a bit off on the translation and pronunciation, but few people would notice. All of the music follows the Will school of grandiose electronic arrangements, over extended drums, and spacious bass tones. The music and vocal compliment each other so much that you never notice the crispness and overproduction of the instrumentation. Instead, the entire set of compositions suck you into a realm of pipe organs, Gothic cathedrals, chanting priestesses and soothing woodwinds without actually being religious. Quite an achievement!

Exovedate is: David Neelin, Daneke Lisa Smith, Madelynn Kiernan and Ruby

P.O. Box 75145
20 Bloor St. East
Toronto, Ontario


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