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Various Artists: Exoskeleton

  1. Blink Twice - Striving
  2. Gridlock - Frantic
  3. Imperative Reaction - Predicate
  4. I Parasite - Piety (edit)
  5. Morgue - Dead End
  6. Synapscape - Stop Yield
  7. SALT - Stolen Icons
  8. Dive - Dark Room
  9. Patchworks - Medicine
  10. Holocaust Theory - Balanced Chaos
  11. Noisex - No Fear
  12. Pain Konsept - Progressive Decay
  13. P*A*L. - T.A.E.
  14. Jugend Staat - Vaterland
  15. Ichor - Parasite
  16. Imminent Starvation - Link Addiction

Don't let it be said that American labels aren't jumping on the sudden increased popularity of the Power Noise scene, because Possessive Blindfold Recordings is doing it's best to stack the deck in it's favor. Just a quick look at the line-up of "Exoskeleton" suggests that it is by far the most diverse Power Noise collection to date, even if it contains mostly German artists. A few relatively well known American's also manage including Gridlock, Blink Twice, and Holocaust Theory to name a few. Yet for whatever reason, the whole Power Noise movement seems to be centered in the bastion of feedback better known as the German Ant-Zen Records. In any event, the tracks on this compilation are really rather diverse, even if they all share a common theme of utilizing feedback and white noise to compose their music. The moods range from the slow and almost melodic Gridlock, to the caustic uptempo percussion of Synapscape, and the almost EBM quality of I Parasite to the rhythmic deviance of Imminent Starvation. There is certainly something for every noise fan on this compilation, except perhaps those purists who feel that Masonna and Merzbow are the real noise fanatics.

Possessive Blindfold Recordings
2251 Frederic St.
Burbank, Ca 91504


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