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Evils Toy: XTC Implant

  1. Home
  2. Vanished Soul
  3. Organics
  4. The Old Race
  5. XTC Implant
  6. I Want To Believe
  7. Victim of the Sun
  8. Hypnosis
  9. In Silence
  10. Abnormal Decision

Evils Toy have really mellowed out and gone a bit techno with the release of their third album, "XTC Implant". This album marks a definitive change in Evils Toy style similar to the deviation that occurred when X Marks The Pedwalk released of "Facer". Evils Toy also seem to have gone the way that Haujobb went on their last album, and incorporated a number of techno based loops in place of some of their more gritty sounds. In essence, they have changed from sounding too much like :wumpscut:, to sounding too much like Haujobb. I supposed this is the price one pays when you physically dwell too close to your musical influences as well as share the same label. Evils Toy also have virtually replaced all of the signature percussion with strings. As a result the music is less choppy, a little more fluid, and extremely danceable. Unfortunately, they have also become a bit more derivative than on previous albums, and I have a feeling this change is only going to hinder rather than help them.

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P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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