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Evils Toy: Morbid Mind

  1. Dear God
  2. Morbid Fashion
  3. Sacrifice!
  4. Dear God (remix)
  5. Enemy Mind
  6. Sacrifice! (morphed)
  7. Natures Revenge
  8. Memories
  9. Something Like Gold
  10. Dear God (XMTP remix)
  11. Sacred
  12. Kill Another (demo 89)

It appears that Evils Toy has been able to shed the stereotypical German electro sound with this new album. While "Human Refuse" was a pile of sorely derivative tracks that were never quite self-sufficient, "Morbid Mind" exudes many of their old mannerisms in favor of a more refined and crisp sound. Only one tiny influence remains, that of the lead singer Volker Lutz sounding amazingly like Dominik Van Reiche of yelworC and amgoD, and that isn't likely to ever change. The overall depth and complexity of the music has increased dramatically and as a result the album actually maintains a strong cohesiveness that never existed previously. Most of the programming is extremely robust and many of the tracks encourage the audience to get up and dance themselves until they pass out. A definite improvement over their previous work which suggest that Evils Toy might be a band to watch closely for a new trend of electro in near future.

Evils Toy are:
Thorstein Brenda - sampling, keyboards
Volker Lutz - vocals, lyrics, keyboards

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 413-1805


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