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Evil Mothers: I Like Fur

  1. I Like Fur (The Masoch Kiss) 3:57
  2. You Had Enough (Ripped Up) 4:13
  3. Sick Culture (Warzone Mix) 5:40
  4. Transcend 1:04
  5. I Like Fur (Devilish Mix) 4:32
  6. SickSickSick (Acidic) 3:34
  7. Guiding Lashes 3:16

This EP serves as the Evil Mothers first real foray into electronic dance music. Fans of older Evil Mothers material should be fairly warned that this EP is very electronic and bears very little reseblence to their older material. Normally, the Evil Mothers are noted for their unique mixture of tribal drumming and modern rock, but in this case they have thrown that all out the window in favor of a more club friendly approach to their music. Several of the remixes are even from older albums touched up in such as way to to render them as totally indistinguishable from the originals. There is also the lurid tongue in cheek humor derived from the EP title which can either suggest that Curse Mackey is an animal rights activist or a diehard carnivore, neither of which is easy to determine. Either way, Curse is quite obviously poking fun at both social interest groups. In the end this EP leaves me wanting more simply because I haven't always been a fan of the older Evil Mothers and this is something that has finally perked my interest because of it's inane nature and stylistic musical shift.

Evil Mothers are:
Patrick Sane
Curse Mackey
John Monte

Invisible Records
P.O Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60016


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