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Evil Mothers: Pitchforks and Perverts

  1. Orisha
  2. Never Trust A John
  3. Father Cop
  4. Cruise-A-Fix
  5. King Ruckus
  6. 9000 LBS.
  7. Blowtorch
  8. Sick Culture
  9. Insex
  10. Miserable Finger

From the onset of the Evil Mothers second album one can sense that they have progressed a great deal musically. They no longer feel constrained within the fragile rule set of a customary rock band. Instead they have begin to incorporate their driving percussion into the majority of their music taking it leaps and bounds above the quality of their premire album. Sure, they still utilize many of the cock rock stylings, but one cannot expect a band to totally free themselves from their sultry past in a single album. Once again, they use the last track on the album to truly express themselves. This time they have chosen to fuse other classical instruments such as the sitar with their live drums and have given the music an almost middle eastern feel. I still think the band should abandon the rock band concept altogether and focus on the live percussion and other classical accompaniment. They music they create with the more primitive instruments is much more vibrant than the rest of their material and displays their true passion instead of the doldrums exhibited their modern instrumental counterparts.

Evil Mothers are:
Patrick Sane - bass, vocals, metal percussion
B.O.B. - drums, barrels, sampling, floor, pipe
Curse Mackey - vocals, sampling, tape, chairs, brakes, scraps, strains
Bobdog Catlin - 6-string guitar, 7-string sitar, 8-string bass, 12-string guitar, barrel, analog synth, ATG assist
Roland Robles - drums, doom-bah, brake drum, propellants

Invisible Records
P.O Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60016


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