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Evil Mothers: Crossdresser

  1. Teen Strap Party
  2. Articles of Faith
  3. Hardware
  4. Warm Wire
  5. Lust Horse
  6. You Had Enough
  7. Godswill
  8. For Kicks
  9. Bad Blood Flows
  10. P.G.F.C.

Evil Mothers first album has perhaps the least in common with the industrial genre than any other album on the Invisible Records label. Track after track of loose guitar chords, screamed vocals, gated bass, and watered down drums litter the album. Of course the album is a little dated which tends to amplify all the subtle mistakes a band makes on it's debut album. The only saving grace this album has is the final track which sounds nothing like any of the previous material on the release. Instead of facing yet another cheesy metal head track, we are pleasantly surprised by a slow ambient lead-in, which slows builds to restrained percussion. Every second that passes increases the tempo, which strains to contain itself until the moment when it breaks into clustered barrage of acoustic and metal cacophony which drives the listener to it's knees. This track alone makes the whole rest of the album worthwhile to sit through. It is shame that we are only blessed with a single track of this driving percussion when it is quite obvious that the Evil Mothers are much more at home doing it than toying around with the traditional instruments of a rock band.

Evil Mothers are:
Patrick Sane - bass, backing vocals
B.O.B. - percussion, sampling
Curse Mackey - vocals, sampling
Jesse Leon - percussion, spice
Bobdog Catlin - guitar, 8-string bass

Invisible Records
P.O Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60016


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