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Everplastic: Aqua Girl

  1. Magazine
  2. Antibody
  3. Plasticman
  4. Commoya (Dance Mix)
  5. Radioon

"Aqua Girl" is the debut EP by Jim Marcus's newest project Everplastic. Almost two years in this making, this five song EP only touches the surface of the new musical concepts since the unfortunate break-up of Die Warzau. Those of you expecting to hear the usual Electro-Funk of old should look elsewhere. While Funk is still a core element of Jim's music, gone are the Electro-Industrial influences. In their place are free Jazz, ethnic percussion, Rhythm & Blues and even a little bit of Soul. The usual guitars, drums and bass make up the core of the music alongside the brass strains of trumpets and saxophones, various classical stringed instruments and even an organ. Jim Marcus provides lead vocals and Stella Katsoudis of Sister Soleil provides female backing vocals. I firmly encourage Die Warzau fans with open minds to experience this CD. Electronic purists should look elsewhere.

Everplastic is: Jim Marcus & Friends

Thickface Records
1110 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622-4017


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