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Ethodius - Ethodius

  1. At The Gate
  2. What Remains From The Past
  3. Distant Cries
  4. Existence
  5. The Deepest Voice
  6. A Noted Reunion Behind The Walls of Santo Spirito
  7. The Clear Sky
  8. Aftermath

Ethodius use of snare and kettle drums alongside relaxed electronic melodies reminds me a great deal of In The Nursery. Most of the music remains purely instrumental, although extremely long and less than legal movie samples appear on many tracks. When the vocals do appear as on 'Distant Cries', they are short, sweet and to the point, underscoring the music without cluttering the entire track. The mythological context, samples, and older instrumentation of the album suggests a Medieval mood. You can almost imagine "Ethodius" as a soundtrack to the films Legend or Excalibur. Ethodius unmistakenly excels at fantasy imagery with this provocative album.

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