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Ether Bunny: Papa Woody

  1. Jolly Roger 5:13
  2. Papa Woody 4:42
  3. Chauncey Gardener 5:02
  4. Tar Baby 4:02
  5. Meerkats Of Mu 4:22
  6. Flea Circus 3:22
  7. Reach 3:11
  8. Tinkerbell Tramp 2:55
  9. Wabbitpipe 1:50
  10. Crippled Cricket 4:14
  11. Closet Monster 1:46
  12. Froglegs 2:47
  13. Bring Presents 1:27
  14. Silly Willy 1:12
  15. Telepathetic 1:57
  16. Mr.Poopypants 4:18
  17. No Paquitos 2:14
  18. Wee 1:25
  19. Bunny Jump 2:16
  20. S.G.A.C. 2:31

Daniel Vahnke of the Vampire Rodents has chosen to forgo the use of vocals of any kind with the debut release of his new project as well as record it under a new moniker. The entire album is a tongue and cheek look at popular childrens stories and nursery rhymes built entirely out of a sample based construction technique. Each individual bar and note on every single track was painstakingly constructed by hand from sample sources which seem to vary from classical brass and woodwind instruments as well as many unidentified unconventional sources. The end result is album which utilizes no preset sounds of any kind being totally derived from artificially imported sampling techniques. A large majority of the album has a very fifties big band type sound with brass instruments playing in the foreground of the track and leading the music transitions for the remaining sampled sounds. The only real obstacle of this album is that while the variety of the music is diverse it takes quite a few listens to be able to distinguish all the subtle differences and a listener might become easily frustrated and assume that all the tracks sound alike. I feel that this release in bettered intended for the real music connoisseur who will take the time to understand all the hidden elements placed throughout the album and yet still enjoy the play on words used in naming all the tracks on the album.

Ether Bunny is: Daniel Vahnke

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044


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