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Equinox: Holon

  1. Contact 7:38
  2. Nova Man 7:49
  3. Janus Effect 6:55
  4. Phenomena 5:45
  5. Binary Star 7:12
  6. Funky Ass 6:12
  7. Electronic Dreams 8:58
  8. Remember Today 7:11
  9. Horizon 8:38

Apparently the departure of Rhys Fulber from the Front Line Assembly camp signals the demise of side projects like Intermix and Noise Unit. Never fear, Bill Leeb has created another new side project Equinox with his comrade in arms Chris Peterson. Ironically, this instrumental album shares more in common with older Noise Unit and Intermix albums than one might expect. Sure, the token Electronica elements that infects Bill Leeb play a predominate role in the creation of "Holon", but you can still pick out classic basslines, misplaced vocal samples, and paint by numbers programming that exist in all FLA side projects. The bottom line is, if you like the new direction of Front Line Assembly, and you enjoy the other Leeb/Peterson side project Pro-Tech, then you will love Equinox. If you are expecting something new from the gang at Cryogenic Studios, look elsewhere because you won't finding anything but formulaic Leeb here.

Equinox is: Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson

Cleopatra Records
13428 Maxella Ave #251
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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