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Equations of Eternity: Veve

  1. Baron Samedi
  2. Magamat
  3. Kurukulla
  4. Luk Krok
  5. Set Rising
  6. Aether
  7. Madre De Agua
  8. Yama
  9. Maka

Voodoo and occult magic are the theme of choice on the second Equations of Eternity release. Once again, the trio of Laswell, Bernocchi and Harris team up to circulate an unexpected opus. While the drums are signature Mick Harris and the bass lines are completely Bill Laswell, it is the combination of the two elements from Sigillum S programmer Eraldo Bernocchi that make this album unique. His addition of treated guitars, chanted vocal samples, and murky electronics are the critical spark of black magic. This modern interpretation of classic Voudon elements is spectral and disembodied. The atmospheres ensorcel the dub and bass elements into submission with uncanny paranormal skill. "Veve" is a transcending experience via the modern day augury of technology. Baron Samedi must certainly be rolling in his grave.

Equations of Eternity are: Bill Laswell, Eraldo Bernocchi & Mick Harris

Wordsound Recordings
129 North 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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