Album Cover

Epoch: Factory

Side 1:

  1. Strategy
  2. The Pact
  3. Propaganda

Side 2:

  1. Transmitter
  2. State of the Nation
  3. New Direction

Structured, mechanical & political, are three good words to describe this particular incarnation of EBM style of music. The EP is distinguished by a total lack of lyrics and strong quasi-socialist samples. Very similar to to Kraftwerk in ideals and musical style, if Kraftwerk had evolved onto modern equipment, and scrapped all their vocal work. The music evokes images of a society where true military industrial complex rules its citizens with an iron fist, very reminiscent of Orwell's "1984". A very strange mesh of politics, and electronic music. Not intended for easy listening, rather for those interested in the overthrow of today's societal ideals through machines.

The tape comes in a rather unique package, a box about the size of a CD jewel case, but around 2 inches deep, containing the tape in a plastic cassette case, three pieces of artwork glued onto cardboard, and pamphlets about other Arts Industria releases. All the track information and credits are on a sticker on the outside of the box. Very creative.

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619


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